Best football teams in the world 2024

“We’re the best team the world has ever seen.” Many fans sing this, but only one team can truly say it’s true.

Right now, some famous football teams are having tough times. Manchester United isn’t winning as much as they used to, Chelsea isn’t as strong since their owner Roman Abramovich left, and Juventus isn’t as powerful as before.

But, some of the old, strong teams have gotten better recently, and some new, smaller teams are starting to challenge the big teams.

We have based our rankings on several factors, including recent performance and success over the past few years. Winning trophies and awards are important, but the context matters too. How well teams perform in international competitions is a good way to measure their success.

We also looked at things like the team’s facilities, current players, manager, and overall direction to decide which are the greatest football teams in the world right now.

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Listen up, Tottenham has only won one trophy in the 21st century, a League Cup in 2008. This might not seem like much for a top team.

However, Tottenham is becoming a club to watch. They have a fantastic new stadium, a talented team, and a very ambitious manager. All the pieces are there, and now Tottenham is starting to get results that match their impressive setup.

Recently, Tottenham has been really good at picking new players. These new players have performed well and look ready to compete for big titles in the future.

Tottenham has built a strong foundation and looks ready to start winning more trophies soon.


Napoli is not just a one-time wonder. They have been getting better each year for the past four seasons and finally won the Serie A title in 2022/23.

Last season, they also made it to the Champions League semi-finals, showing they are one of the top teams. Players like Victor Osimhen and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia scored lots of goals and assists and are likely to get a lot of attention from other teams soon.

Even though Napoli hasn’t been playing as well in 2023/24, the Serie A league is very competitive this season. So, it’s too early to say they’re not still a top team.


Since 2013, PSG has won nine Ligue 1 titles and 21 domestic cup trophies, showing how much they dominate French football. No other team has been this strong in their country’s top league for such a long time.

PSG’s star players Kylian Mbappé, Lionel Messi, and Neymar were so good that they made the French league look easy. But that’s where our praise stops. Even with lots of money spent on top managers and players, PSG has not done well in the Champions League.

In the last ten years, PSG has only reached the semi-finals of the Champions League twice. In 2020, they made it to the final, but they had easier matches against teams like Atalanta and RB Leipzig.

Now, Messi and Neymar have left the team, and Mbappé might leave soon too. It might be time for PSG to start fresh and build a strong team that works well together, instead of relying on just a few star players.


If you’ve heard mostly bad news about Barcelona, you might think they’re no longer a strong team. But that’s not true at all.

We won’t talk about their long-term future or money issues, but when it comes to playing football, Barcelona has a lot to be happy about.

Last year, Xavi did a great job as the coach and led Barcelona to win La Liga, beating Real Madrid in 2022/23. Young players like Pedri and Gavi are becoming stars, and Robert Lewandowski is still a great goal-scorer. Even though Barcelona hasn’t done as well in Europe since Lionel Messi left, they are still a very strong team.

Inter Milan

Inter Milan didn’t win the title last season because Napoli did, but they are still one of the strongest teams in Italian football right now. A decade ago, they were struggling, but now they’re back at the top of Serie A.

Inter won the title in 2021 and finished in second place in 2022 and 2023. They also won the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italia last year and made it to the Champions League final against Manchester City.

Inter has become a very steady and strong team in the Italian league, which is impressive given that AC Milan has been unpredictable and Juventus has struggled recently. Serie A has many competitive teams like Atalanta, Fiorentina, Lazio, and Roma, making Inter’s achievements even more noteworthy.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga title 11 times in a row, making them the top team in Germany. Other teams like Dortmund and RB Leipzig have tried to beat them, but they haven’t been able to do it for long.

Some people might say that the German league isn’t very strong, like they do with PSG, but Bayern Munich’s success in the Champions League shows how good they really are.

In the last 16 years, Bayern has made it to the semi-finals nine times, reached the finals four times, and won twice. They’ve made it to the knockout rounds every time and only lost in the Round of 16 twice. They are a powerful team in Europe and now have Harry Kane leading them.

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