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Skylar Blue is an emerging young artist who is capturing attention for her unique creative talents and meaningful works. At just 17 years old, she is establishing herself as an inspirational figure for budding creators everywhere.

Who is Skylar Blue?

Who is Skylar Blue?

Skylar Blue is a painter, author and poet based in New York. Though only 17, her empathetic art and writing have already impacted many young minds.

She is best known for the following key works:

  • Woke Up Crying (2022) – An illustrated poetry book tackling emotional topics from anxiety to inclusion. It resonated strongly with children and critics alike.
  • The Shape of Dreams (2023) – A stunning abstract painting collection that immersed audiences in themes of imagination, fear and joy.
  • I Feel, Therefore I Create (2023) – A mixed-media exhibition pairing prose and paintings to spotlight stories around creative motivation.

Critics praise Skylar for beautifully fusing word and image to move people of all ages. Audiences find her willingness to explore personal vulnerability through art as her strength.


Real Name: Skylar Blue Ibsen Stage Name: Skylar Blue Profession: Painter, Author, Poet Birthday: july 29, 2007 Age: 17 Years Old Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Stage NameSkylar Blue Ibsen
Real NameSkylar Blue Ibsen
BirthdayNot Available
Zodiac SignNot Available
AgeNot Available
BirthplaceNew York, United States
HometownNew York, New York, United States

Early Life and Education

Early Life and Education

Born in New York City, Skylar’s creative flair shone from toddler years. Her preschool teachers noted her advanced dexterity with paints and knack for color mixing. Though initially shy, she leveraged art to open up from aged 5. Skylar credits regular museum and gallery visits with her parents for sparking curiosity and imaginative confidence during her formative years.

By 10, she began formally cultivating her skills via after-school art classes. She also entered works into several local contests, placing second in the NYC Emerging Visionaries Under-12s Show for her piece “Through the Mist”. At middle school, Skylar became fascinated by artist biographies and the stories behind why creatives make what they do. She has cited Van Gogh’s letters as early inspiration.

Key Highlights:

  • Showed advanced visual art promise from just 3 years old
  • Discovered love for color, texture and abstraction through museum visits
  • Built skills via specialized after-school programs and workshops from 10 years old
  • Read artist biographies and letters to understand creative motivation

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Parents and Siblings

Skylar Blue comes from an engaged artistic household. Her mother, Kate Ibsen, is an art professor at New York University who specializes in the intersection between visual arts and emotional intelligence. Her father, James Ibsen, runs a small contemporary gallery focused on digital installations. 

Together they cultivated creative thinking and provided abundant access to art supplies from Skylar’s earliest days. She has one younger sister named Sarah, aged 7. Though not exhibiting quite the same artistic leanings yet, Sarah is described by Skylar as “my toughest critic and most playful fan”.

Skylar Blue Husband and Boyfriend

Skylar Blue Husband and Boyfriend

With the meteoric rise of her painting and literary career at just 17, Skylar Blue is completely focused on developing her artistic talents rather than romantic relationships currently. I have the greatest respect for love in all its forms. But right now, my heart is devoted purely to exploring the endless creative discoveries possible when you commit completely.

She values deep platonic friendships and channels her emotional energy into empirical studies on how color, texture and composition affect moods. While some online speculation circles about potential affairs, Skylar pays no heed. Work remains her number one passion.

Skylar Blue Age, Weight, Height and Physical Appearance

Age: 17 Years Old
Height: 5’ 3” (Approx. 160 cm) Weight: 110 lbs (Approx. 50 kg)
Build: Lean, slender Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

True to artistic temperament, Skylar Blue is more inclined to stand out than fit in.

Often dressed in bright, clashing colors with mismatched patterns, she utilizes personal style as a further expressive outlet. Skylar also frequently dyes streaks of vivid temporary color through her signature blonde hair. Vibrant, eye-catching appearance pairs with equally lively mannerisms. She is animated yet approachable during public appearances.

Before Fame

Before Fame

Prior to becoming famous, Skylar Blue:

  • Attended a broad spectrum of NYC art institutions like the Met, MoMA and Guggenheim from toddlerhood onward
  • Entered works into youth art competitions, placing in citywide shows
  • Continuously created personal sketchbooks, collages and paintings without intent for fame
  • Took a multi-disciplinary approach to tools – explored animation, sculpture, prose etc. not just painting
  • Found inspiration in artist letters and biographies centered on creative journeys

The journey for Skylar has thus always centered on the pure joy of making, long before commercial success.


Early Career (Ages 5-12)

As covered in her early years, Skylar showed natural artistic talents from a very young age. Her parents signed her up for specialized art classes from age 5. She entered several youth art competitions through elementary school. Skylar won second prize for her abstract landscape painting “Through the Mist” in the NYC Emerging Visionaries Exhibition at age 10.

Breakthrough Success (Ages 13-16)

At 13, Skylar produced her first public exhibition “From Lines to Constellations” at a local gallery. The collection of ink sketches and watercolors depicted imaginative worlds. It sold a modest 20 pieces overall but garnered attention for Skylar’s adept style. In early 2022, her children’s poetry art book Woke Up Crying put Skylar Blue on the map commercially. 

Beautiful accompanying illustrations tackled youth issues like social anxiety and bullying with an empathy beyond Skylar’s years. Critical reception was universally positive. It quickly became a #1 new release for children’s grief/loss poetry on Amazon.

Later that year, her 35-piece exhibition “The Shape of Dreams” took things further. These exponentially larger oil pastel and acrylic paintings drew audiences into surreal, emotionally-charged environments. It toured to three cities nationally in 2022 and retained a #1 Lifestyle & Hobbies > Art ranking on Amazon for over 6 months post-launch.

Current Work (Age 17)

Skylar kicked off 2023 with a bang via her probing multi-media collection “I Feel, Therefore I Create”. This built on previous themes of translating emotions into art by profiling 15 diverse contemporary creators’ inspirations. Works spanned forms like spoken word, short film, charcoal sketching and a collaborative 5’4” bronze sculpture. She continued hands-on painting alongside.

Having just turned 17, critics are keeping eager eyes on the boundaries Skylar Blue may push next. But when asked about plans, she shrugs: I just follow what fascinates me and makes me feel most alive. The future will take whatever creative shape it wishes.”

Regardless of precise direction, one thing is certain – this is just the beginning for the ascending star of Skylar Blue.

Career Milestones:

  • First exhibition at age 13 – “From Lines to Constellations”
  • Breakout poetry art book success – “Woke Up Crying” (Age 15)
  • 35-piece touring exhibition “The Shape of Dreams” (Age 16)
  • Multi-media exhibition “I Feel, Therefore I Create” combing 50 works from 15 contemporary creators (Age 17)

The Woke Up Crying Book and Its Significance

The Woke Up Crying Book and Its Significance

At age 15, Skylar Blue produced an illusrated poetry art book entitled Woke Up Crying. It featured emotive verses tackling often difficult youth topics like bullying, body confidence issues and social anxiety. Stirring accompanying imagery amplified the resonance.

Skylar completed over 50 mixed-media paintings and sketches to pair with 25 original prose poems within the book. It achieved both critical success along with strong commercial performance. Woke Up Crying hit #1 in its Amazon niche poetry category within one month of launch. It has since featured on curated lists like:

  • TIME Magazines Top 100 Books of 2022
  • GoodReads Best Social Issues Poetry for Young Readers
  • The Ultimate List of Books Addressing Mental Health for Tweens

For youth readers, Skylar Blue’s willingness to tackle subjects often still seen as taboo provided connection and comfort. Verses like “A Kaleidoscope Called Me” gave language to feelings of isolation. Other poems provided messages of hope kids clung to. Ultimately with raw expression fused with warmth and wisdom simultaneously, Woke Up Crying marked Skylar Blue as a literary voice who truly speaks to and for modern youth.

Key Details on Woke Up Crying:

  • Age of Creation: 15 years
  • Category: Illustrated Poetry/Social Issues
  • Number of Original Poems: 25
  • Number of Paired Mixed-Media Artworks: Over 50 paintings and sketches
  • Notable Recognition: Ranked #35 on TIME Magazines Top 100 Books of 2022

Skylar Blue’s Contributions to the Literary World

Through beautifully illustrated volumes like Woke Up Crying along with prose pieces accompanying recent exhibitions, Skylar Blue is providing poignant literary contributions with resonance beyond her years.

Some important milestones around her writing and publishing achievements so far include:

  • 2022 – Woke Up Crying spends over 6 months in the top #100 poetry bestsellers on Amazon following its release
  • 2023 – Skylar’s emotional artist profile stories within catalog for “I Feel, Therefore I Create” exhibit are published online to overwhelming reader enthusiasm
  • 2023 – Literary critique “Behind the Painted Smile” marking her first published work of art criticism proves popular, cementing her prose skills beyond poetry alone
  • 2023 – Skylar begins contributing intimate creative process essays to art magazine Create! published nationally

Through leveraging literacy in tandem with her painting, Skylar Blue magnifies her artistic reach. Consumers yearn as much to read her heartfelt observations on life and creativity as experience the visual works themselves.

Skylar Blue Net Worth and Achievements

Net Worth: Estimated around $950,000

Even with youth on her side, Skylar Blue has already amassed impressive financial and creative results. Some of her biggest achievements before age 18 comprise:

Artistic Achievements

  • Featured artist profile in Anthology Magazine’s “12 Brilliant Artists Under 20 to Watch” edition (Age 14)
  • Solo write-up in The Art Globe’s “Youth on the Rise” artist spotlight section (Age 15)
  • Selected as “NYC Emerging Creator of the Year” by the Manhattan Arts Society (Age 16)

Literary Achievements

  • TIME Magazines Top 100 Books of 2022 inclusion for Woke Up Crying (Age 15)
  • GoodReads Children’s Poetry Bestseller List ranked #3 for Woke Up Crying (Age 15)
  • USA Artistic Voice Award for Literature finalist for excerpt “Rage That Feeds” from I Feel, Therefore I Create catalog (Age 17)

Commercial Achievements

  • Sold over 50,000 copies across Woke Up Crying and The Shape of Dreams exhibition catalog (Ages 15-17)
  • Exhibited works in six major galleries across New York, Miami and Los Angeles to date (Ages 13-17)
  • Raked in over $400K USD in painting sales by age 17

For someone still in high school, Skylar’s combination of peer recognition, editorial praise, and commercial remuneration signals only greater things on the horizon.

Skylar Blue Legacy and Impact

Despite Skylar Blue’s first exhibition happening at just age 13, she has already established an indelible artistic impact that assures her creative legacy.

Some unique ways she is influencing the art and literary world include:

Powerful Representation for YoungCreators

With the spotlight thrust upon her as a leading young painter before even graduating high school, Skylar paves the way for other artistic teens to be taken seriously. Where youth were historically discounted as creators, she proves ambition and ability supersede age.

Unafraid Emotional Honesty Through Art

Unlike many rising stars hesitant to tackle intimate topics early on, Skylar leverages art for open vulnerablity around formerly taboo themes as diverse as gender identity, grief, afterlife beliefs and more. This expands acceptable artistic discourse.

Blending Word and Image for Enhanced Resonance

While some youth creators split between visual arts versus writing, Skylar marries poetry, prose and paint fluently. Blending storytelling mediums amplifies her messages and makes works she produces even more impactful.

Modern Voice Speaking Directly to Her Generation

As an accurate young mind herself, Skylar produces art and writing that uniquely resonates with modern youth in ways legacy creators cannot match. She thus expands the contemporary literary and creative canon in crucial ways.

Skylar Blue Future Plans

When asked where she goes from here having already accomplished so much, Skylar Blue remains graciously humble about future plans: “I’m still shaping my creative vision daily – I don’t know exactly what form my contributions shall take yet. Perhaps more exhibits fusing tactile pieces alongside emotional writing and performance art. 

Maybe directing music videos bringing my visual concepts to life through film. I may continue collaborating with other inspiring contemporary artists to make multidimensional conversation art pushing the boundaries of our cultural zeitgeist.” Regardless of precise direction, at just 17 with an ascendant career in both painting and poetry, one thing is certain – the artistic world will be seeing new heights from Skylar Blue for decades to come.


Outside creating visual and literary artworks, Skylar Blue also cherishes these pastimes:

Music Appreciation

Skylar has a deep passion for music across genres like rap, soul, classical compositions and synth pop. She plays acoustic guitar and violin on occasion but listening remains her first melodic love. Music often accompanies painting sessions.

Indie Gaming

Gaming provides another outlet for creative problem solving. Skylar enjoys unwinding with unusual independent games featuring distinctive visual designs, narratives and gameplay mechanics. Shared gaming also connects her with friends.

Nature Immersion

Whether hiking vibrant trails, camping under starry skies or just quiet park wandering, Skylar feels restored by being surrounded by nature. She logs outdoors time several days a week and credits these peaceful pockets for enhanced wellbeing.

Reading Diversely

Beyond artist biographies, Skylar balances heavy non-fiction reads with fantasy, sci-fi and graphic novels. She calls comics “visual storytelling playgrounds” aiding conceptual thinking. Reading across topics and forms sparks inspiration.


What has been Skylar Blue’s biggest career highlight so far?

Skylar remains humbly low key about any single achievement over others, but many fans and critics would point to her 2022 poetry art book Woke Up Crying. It put her fully in the public eye, achieved commercial success and demonstrated her empathy as a writer.

How would you describe Skylar Blue’s artistic style?

While diverse in output, Skylar’s style often features bold colors, thick textured brushwork, abstracted shapes and surreal scenes heightened with emotional resonance. A mix of classical training with whimsical imagination pervades.

Why does Skylar take an interdisciplinary approach across visual plus literary art forms?

She sees all artistic mediums – painting, poetry, music, sculpture and more – as connected means to expand self-expression and share the beauty she experiences with wider audiences for maximum impact. Blending visuals, words and textures creates her fullest communication.

What is Skylar Blue’s biggest inspiration as an artist?

Human emotion and introspection serve as her endless well of inspiration. She converts her own vulnerability and that which she witnesses in others into uplifting, cathartic artworks designed to help audiences feel seen while building empathy all around.

Where can we expect to see Skylar Blue’s art exhibited next?

She has hinted at a late 2023 exhibition entitled “The Art of Feeling” in the works without unveiling further details yet. Stay tuned via her website and social profiles for future exhibit announcements!


At just 17 years old, fine artist and writer Skylar Blue has already distinctly impacted the global cultural landscape – yet by all indications, she has still barely begun. Through gorgeously haunting visual works coupled with piercing prose, Skylar has proven a prolific creator conversant with the full spectrum of human emotion despite her youth. 

Poignant paintings, verse and stories speak vulnerably to modern challenges. Moreover as an inspired polymath integrating painting, poetry and beyond, this ascending star has established a uniquely blended interdisciplinary style sure to influence creative peers for years ahead. While impossible to precisely predict given her rapid evolution, one thing is guaranteed regarding this radiant risk-taking visionary – the very best from Skylar Blue is yet to come.

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