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Nyx Baltimore is a 27-year-old American model and actress known for her remarkable performances in adult entertainment since 2018. Born on March 1, 1996, in Baltimore, Maryland, she quickly gained popularity for her talent, captivating presence, and dedication to pushing boundaries in the industry. 

Nyx’s rise to fame reflects not only her prowess in adult films but also her commitment to advocating for diversity and inclusion, using her platform to promote social justice and equality. 

Standing at 5 feet tall and weighing 52 kg, Nyx Baltimore is recognized for her captivating blue eyes and striking black hair. With an estimated net worth of around 106K USD, Nyx has become a sought-after figure, inspiring both fans and fellow performers with her unique artistry and dedication.

Nyx Baltimore Wiki: 

Nyx Baltimore Wiki: 
Real NameNyx Baltimore
Nick NameNot Known
Alternative NameNyx Monroe
BirthplaceBaltimore, Maryland, USA
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1996
Age28 years
HometownBaltimore, Maryland, USA
Net Worth$3M 
Weight52 kg
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlack

Nyx Baltimore Early Life:

Nyx Baltimore, born on March 1, 1996, in Baltimore, Maryland, embraced a childhood filled with passion and energy. Growing up as a happy and lively child, she developed a love for movies and a flair for being in the spotlight. Nyx, a bright student, attended a local school where she was adored by friends and teachers alike. Her journey into adulthood began with a determination to follow her dreams, eventually leading her to make a mark in the adult film industry.

In her pursuit of becoming a famous film star, Nyx Baltimore’s early life was characterized by an enthusiastic embrace of her interests. Whether it was watching movies, enjoying attention, or excelling academically, Nyx’s journey from a cheerful child to a renowned adult film star showcases the resilience and determination that have defined her path to success.

Nyx Baltimore Career Life:

Nyx Baltimore Career Life:

Introduction to Nyx’s Career:

Nyx Baltimore’s career is filled with success and recognition in the entertainment industry. Since her debut in 2018, she has become a well-known figure, making a significant impact in the world of adult entertainment.

Talent and Versatility:

Known for her amazing performances and captivating appearance, Nyx is celebrated as one of the most talented and versatile artists in the business. Her unique style and ability to push boundaries have garnered her a loyal fan base.

Advocacy for Diversity and Inclusion:

Beyond her performances, Nyx actively supports diversity and inclusion in the adult entertainment industry. She passionately speaks out about the importance of representation from all backgrounds and identities, using her platform to advocate for social justice and equality.

Rising Influence:

With her charm, talent, and dedication, Nyx Baltimore continues to make a significant impact. As her popularity grows, she is becoming an even more influential figure, inspiring both performers and fans with her distinctive and sensual artistry in the world of adult entertainment.

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Nyx Baltimore Personal Life:

Nyx Baltimore values privacy in her personal life. On social media, she keeps details about her parents, siblings, boyfriend, or husband private. Nyx believes some things are meant to be kept to oneself, respecting her life and privacy, which holds significant importance for her.

While Nyx Baltimore doesn’t share much about her personal life online, it’s clear she treasures her privacy. This decision allows her to maintain a balance between her public career and personal life, keeping certain aspects away from the public eye. For Nyx, the focus is on her work and advocacy, and she appreciates her fans’ understanding of her choice to keep some things private.

Nyx Baltimore Parents and Siblings

Nyx Baltimore Parents and Siblings

Nyx Baltimore was born into a loving family in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 1, 1996. Her parents have always been supportive, cheering for her dreams. Nyx shares a special bond with her younger brother, and together, they enjoyed playing games and watching movies as best friends. 

This strong family connection helps Nyx stay grounded and focused on her work. While there isn’t much information about Nyx Baltimore’s personal life, she values her family and the support they provide. Her parents encouraged her from a young age, creating a positive environment that contributed to Nyx’s success in her career.

Nyx Baltimore Husband and Boyfriend

Nyx Baltimore keeps her personal life private, and details about her husband or boyfriend are not publicly known. She values her privacy and chooses not to share information about her relationships on social media. Nyx focuses on her career and keeps her personal life separate from her public persona, allowing her fans to appreciate her work without delving into her private affairs.

Nyx Baltimore Children

Nyx Baltimore has not shared any information about having children at the moment. She likes to keep parts of her life private and away from the public eye. While Nyx may choose to become a mom in the future, right now, she is focusing on her career in the adult film industry. As fans, respecting her privacy and supporting her in her life choices is essential.

Nyx Baltimore Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Nyx Baltimore Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Nyx Baltimore, the renowned adult film star, is 27 years old, born on March 1, 1996. Standing tall at 5 feet 6 inches, she carries a healthy weight of around 130 pounds. Nyx’s unique physical appearance includes captivating dark hair flowing down her back and bright, lively eyes that effortlessly capture everyone’s attention. 

With her confident demeanor and bold, colorful style, Nyx Baltimore is not just a star on screen; she is a vibrant personality making a mark in the adult entertainment industry. Remember, Nyx is 27, stands at 5’6″, weighs about 130 pounds, has striking dark hair, and possesses a confident and colorful style that sets her apart in the adult film world.

Nyx Baltimore Social Media

Nyx Baltimore is active on social media, connecting with fans through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her profiles feature pictures, updates about her work, and even some thoughts and ideas. Following Nyx on social media is a fun way for fans to get a glimpse into her life and stay updated on her latest activities.

Her Rise to Fame in the Adult Film Industry

Nyx Baltimore quickly climbed the ladder of fame in the adult film industry after starting her career right after high school. Known for her unique looks and captivating presence, filmmakers noticed her, leading to offers for adult film roles. 

Nyx’s debut film became a hit, and with each subsequent project, she gained more recognition, becoming one of the most famous stars globally. 

Her passion for her work, combined with hard work and determination, propelled Nyx Baltimore to the forefront of the adult entertainment world. Today, she is celebrated for her exceptional performances and remains a sought-after figure in the industry.

Nyx Baltimore Her Net Worth

Nyx Baltimore Her Net Worth

Nyx Baltimore has earned significant success in the adult film industry, making a name for herself at just 28 years old. With a towering net worth estimated at $3 million, Nyx’s financial achievements reflect her dedication and talent in the X-rated world. Her hard work and widespread popularity have not only established her as a sought-after adult film star but also contributed to her impressive financial standing in the industry.

Nyx Baltimore Achievement and Awards

Nyx Baltimore has achieved remarkable success in the adult film industry, earning her widespread recognition and numerous awards for her outstanding performances. Her talent and dedication have not only made her a sought-after star but also garnered accolades that showcase her excellence in the field. Nyx’s achievements and awards are a testament to her hard work and skill, making her a standout figure in the world of adult entertainment.

Nyx Baltimore Future Plans

Nyx Baltimore has clear plans for her future. She loves her job in adult movies and wants to keep working in this field, aiming to become even more popular. Alongside her film career, Nyx dreams of starting her own business related to her work, showing her dedication and ambition.


Nyx Baltimore isn’t just a star on screen; she loves to have fun off-camera too! Here are some things she enjoys doing in her free time:

  • Watching Movies: Nyx loves to watch movies, spending her weekends catching up on her favorites and discovering new ones.
  • Traveling: Exploring new places is one of Nyx’s favorite hobbies; she enjoys packing her bags and going on exciting adventures.
  • Cooking: Nyx finds joy in cooking and loves trying out new recipes to create delicious meals.
  • Reading: Nyx is an avid reader and enjoys diving into all kinds of stories during her downtime.
  • Playing Video Games: Nyx is a fan of video games and enjoys challenging her friends to beat her high scores.
  • Spending Time with Family: Nyx cherishes her time with family, playing games and enjoying quality moments with her younger brother.
  • Dancing: Nyx’s love for dance began in childhood, and she still enjoys dancing in her free time, expressing herself through movement.

Interesting Facts About Nyx Baltimore 

Interesting Facts About Nyx Baltimore 

Interesting Facts About Nyx Baltimore:

  • Nyx’s name is inspired by a Greek goddess, the night goddess, adding an intriguing dimension to her persona.
  • Despite her career, Nyx enjoys cartoons, with ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ being her favorite.
  • Nyx is a devoted pet lover and shares a close bond with her adorable cat named ‘Bella’.
  • She possesses a talent for playing chess, which she learned from her father at the age of 7.
  • Pizza is Nyx’s favorite food, particularly cheese pizza, which she finds irresistible.
  • Dancing is one of Nyx’s passions, which she nurtured since childhood through dance classes.
  • She has a knack for playing the guitar and often indulges in strumming her favorite tunes.
  • Nyx’s love for the color pink is evident in her surroundings, from her bed to her favorite T-shirt.


What does Nyx Baltimore do for a living? 

Nyx Baltimore works in the adult film industry, creating content exclusively for adults.

How tall is Nyx Baltimore?

Nyx Baltimore stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

How much does Nyx Baltimore weigh?

Nyx Baltimore weighs around 130 pounds.

When is Nyx Baltimore’s birthday?

Nyx Baltimore’s birthday is on March 1, 1996.

Is Nyx Baltimore on social media? 

Yes, Nyx Baltimore is active on social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where she shares updates about her life and work, allowing fans to connect with her.

What are Nyx Baltimore’s hobbies?

Nyx Baltimore’s hobbies include watching movies, traveling, cooking, reading, playing video games, and spending quality time with her family, showcasing a diverse range of interests and activities in her free time.


Nyx Baltimore, born on March 1, 1996, in Baltimore, Maryland, is a celebrated American model and actress. At 27 years old, she has gained fame in the adult entertainment world, known for her exceptional performances and captivating style. Standing at 5 feet tall, Nyx weighs 52 kg, with striking blue eyes and black hair. 

Her net worth is estimated at around 106K USD, showcasing her success in the industry. Nyx’s journey into the spotlight began in 2018, swiftly rising as one of the most sought-after adult film stars. Growing up in Baltimore, she explored her creative side through dance and theater before venturing into the adult entertainment world. 

Beyond her performances, Nyx advocates for diversity and inclusion, using her platform to speak out about representation in the industry. With her talent, charm, and dedication, Nyx Baltimore continues to make a significant impact, inspiring fans and performers alike with her unique and sensual artistry.

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