Black Mirror Season 6

Black Mirror Season 6 will continue the anthology series’ exploration of speculative fiction and technology’s impact on society. Not much is known about the new season yet, with no release date or episode details announced. Fans can expect more thought-provoking stories that present unsettling visions of future technology. 

Each standalone episode will offer a unique dystopian world that reveals both humanity’s strengths and weaknesses. Previous seasons delivered creative tales with insightful social commentary and surprises, challenging audiences. 

Black Mirror has built a reputation as one of TV’s boldest and most original shows. Season 6 will surely maintain this through imaginative stories that hold a dark mirror up to our world through speculative tales of where technology could take us.

What is Black Mirror season 6 about?

Black Mirror season 6 will have five new episodes, each telling a different story about technology and humanity. This time, creator Charlie Brooker challenged himself by changing what viewers expect from the show. As he explained, alongside familiar themes, season 6 will also feature some new elements. Brooker has added things he previously said the show would never do. 

This helps expand what a Black Mirror episode can be. Like usual, season 6 has a strong lineup of famous faces. Viewers will see stars like Aaron Paul, Salma Hayek Pinault, Kate Mara, Annie Murphy, Michael Cera, and Zazie Beetz across the five new episodes. Brooker is stretching the boundaries of the show to bring even more unique and thought-provoking tales about the relationship between technology and society.

Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy are reportedly in talks to join the Black Mirror season six cast

Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy are reportedly in talks to join the Black Mirror season six cast

Season six of Black Mirror is adding more Hollywood stars to its cast. Variety reports that acclaimed actress Salma Hayek will appear in an episode. Hayek is renowned for her roles in Frida, From Dusk till Dawn, House of Gucci, and Eternals. Currently, no details are available about her character. 

Annie Murphy, known for Schitt’s Creek and Russian Doll, is also said to be in talks to join the season six lineup. Murphy won an Emmy and SAG award for playing Alexis in Schitt’s Creek. She received many other TV award nominations as well. According to Deadline, actor Rory Culkin has also signed on for an episode. 

Culkin is part of the famous acting family and starred recently in Under the Banner of Heaven. His addition continues Black Mirror’s tradition of starring award-winning and buzzworthy talents. Fans will have to wait to see what roles Hayek, Murphy, and Culkin take on in the new season.

Who else has been cast in Black Mirror season six?

Season five of Black Mirror featured a star-studded cast including Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace, and Miley Cyrus. Season six seems to have another impressive lineup, focusing on acclaimed TV actors. According to Variety, Aaron Paul will appear in an episode. 

He previously did a voice cameo in season four playing a gamer in the USS Callister episode. Black Mirror tends to tell standalone stories, so it’s unclear if Paul will reprise that role or take on something new. Reports from filming show Paul in period costumes in East Sussex, suggesting a fresh story. Other announced cast members include Top Gun: 

Maverick’s Danny Ramirez, Joker’s Zazie Beetz, I May Destroy You’s Paapa Essiedu, 90s heartthrob Josh Hartnett, and House of Cards’ Kate Mara. With these talented actors involved, season six is sure to deliver more memorable stories about humanity and technology.

There’ll be more episodes in Black Mirror season six, with each to be like ‘an individual film’

Variety first announced Black Mirror’s return in May. They confirmed there will be more episodes than the three in season 5. Each new episode will have a very cinematic feel and scope. They will each feel like individual movies. Some fans may question if more episodes is good news. Some argue the show lost part of its British humor after moving to Netflix in the US. Every Black Mirror season has been a mix of quality. 

Some episodes are brilliant in concept and execution. Others fall flat. That’s all part of what makes the show great – it takes chances. Fans enjoy debating which episodes succeeded and which did not. While the quality varies, Black Mirror always pushes boundaries. That willingness to experiment is what keeps viewers engaged across the different seasons.

For a time, it seemed the show may not continue after Brooker and creative partner Annabel Jones left their production company Endemol in 2020. Brooker and Jones started their own company called Broke and Bones. When they left Endemol to form their own production banner, it brought uncertainty to whether Black Mirror would be revived. 

What’s the release date of Black Mirror season six?

What's the release date of Black Mirror season six?

A release date has not been set for Black Mirror season six. Filming is currently happening. Aaron Paul has been seen filming his episode. Zazie Beetz also confirmed she finished her role. She told Deadline her character is not having much fun. But there is a tongue-in-cheek dark and premonition element to the story. 

Beetz said the show reflects society in an uncomfortable way through technology. Based on the production progress and Zazie Beetz’s comments, fans may get to see the new season before 2022 ends. Viewers can likely expect more thought-provoking and confronting examinations of existential themes. They highlight important issues through realistic dystopian scenarios.

Experimenting with different styles of Black Mirror stories

In season 6, Black Mirror explored different styles of storytelling. The anthology series was known for its technologically-focused tales of how gadgets could threaten humanity. However, in this season the creators wanted to widen the scope of the show. They set out to experiment with new formats and genres within the Black Mirror world.

This led to episodes with varied settings, subjects and tones. Some had cinematic qualities like independent short films. Others delved into more character-driven tales examining social issues. Throughout, all kept viewers on edge with familiar Black Mirror twists. The experimentation tested new grounds while retaining the essential unsettling tone of reflecting sinister sides of contemporary society.

Black Mirror season 6 reviews: What critics are saying

Critics are very mixed in their reactions to Black Mirror season 6. 

the Hollywood Reporter says season 6 frees the show from its core premise, making it less predictable and more intriguing. Empire writes it tweaks the formula just enough to feel fresh while staying true to Brooker’s style. Consequence finds it the darkest yet and exciting to see how the show expands its definition. Collider calls it the most ambitious, with unprecedented settings and stories.

IGN notes it has more misses than hits but two strong episodes. One experiment succeeds by leaving the typical formula, while another balances humour and darkness well. In general, critics feel season 6 takes risks that make it feel fresh and explores new possibilities for the anthology series, even if quality varies across episodes. The experiments outside familiar themes are praised by some.

Outlook: Should you stream or skip Black Mirror season 6?

Outlook: Should you stream or skip Black Mirror season 6?

Whether you’ll like Season 6 depends on your openness to change. Critics said it focuses less on technology risks and more on human flaws. If you want the best, “Joan Is Awful” and “Demon 79” received top reviews at 56 and 74 minutes each. As an anthology, you could just watch these highly praised episodes.

Black Mirror has always captivated viewers by showing humanity’s dark nature. It succeeds by not relying on formulas, taking creative risks to stay interesting. While Season 6 doesn’t hit every mark, the experimentation makes it worth watching. The show continues evolving in thoughtful ways.


Is Black Mirror season 6 disturbing?

Yes, Black Mirror season 6 explores unsettling topics through dystopian themes and plot twists as the show is known for.

Why is season 6 of Black Mirror so different?

Season 6 of Black Mirror experimented with less technology-focused stories and more character-driven plots, distinguishing it from previous seasons.

Is Black Mirror season six good?

Reviews found Black Mirror season 6 took creative risks that delivered some strong episodes while others missed the mark, resulting in a mixed bag of quality.


Season 6 of Black Mirror showed the acclaimed series pushing boundaries. It moved beyond the expected focus on dangers of technology. Stories featured different styles and formats than earlier seasons. While some episodes resonated more, the varied styles kept viewers engaged. Changes allowed exploring relevant issues in new ways. The season highlighted both flaws and potential in human nature.

Overall, the experimentation divided opinion on quality. But it kept the anthology series fresh and interesting. Black Mirror remains one of the foremost dramatic works. It uses science fiction to start important discussions. Season 6 cemented its place reflecting crucial aspects of modern society. The reinvented format ensures the thought-provoking series can continue providing viewed perspectives for many more seasons.

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