Lil Durk’s 6 Chilren: Meet the American Rapper’s kids and Babymamas

From the streets of Chicago to the heights of hip-hop stardom, Lil Durk (real name Durk Derrick Banks) has carved out an incredible journey. This rapper, singer, and songwriter not only founded the acclaimed collective Only the Family (OTF) but has birthed a unique family of his own – one comprising six beautiful children from multiple relationships.

As Lil Durk’s musical prowess continues to soar, with chart-topping albums like “7220” under his belt, his life as a father has blossomed in tandem. His drill music style, often depicting the harsh realities of street violence, has struck a chord with fans worldwide. It’s his role as a parent that adds yet another layer of depth to this multi-talented artist’s narrative.

Who are Lil Durk’s Children?

Who are Lil Durk's Children?

The Chicago-based musician is a proud father to six kids, each with their own unique story:

  1. Angelo (12 years old)
  2. Bella (10 years old)
  3. Zayden (9 years old)
  4. Du’mier (age unknown)
  5. Skyler (9 years old)
  6. Willow (5 years old)

These six little ones not only bear witness to their father’s extraordinary rise in the USA entertainment industry but have also become a driving force behind his relentless work ethic and unwavering ambition.

Lil Durk Babymamas

Lil Durk’s journey into fatherhood has been a complex tapestry woven from various relationships and chapters in his life. His first marriage was to his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Covone, with whom he shares two children – Angelo and Bella. However, their union ultimately dissolved.

In December 2021, the rapper took a giant leap forward, proposing to his current partner, India Royale, an Instagram influencer boasting an impressive 5 million followers. Together, they share an adorable daughter named Willow. The heartwarming proposal took place during one of Lil Durk’s performances in his hometown at Chicago’s United Center.

As for the remaining three children – Zayden, Du’mier, and Skyler – their mothers’ identities have been kept private, reflecting Lil Durk’s desire to shield parts of his family life from the public eye.

Lil Durk Children Age

ChildAge (as of 2023)
Angelo12 years old
Bella10 years old
Zayden9 years old
Du’mierAge unknown
Skyler9 years old
Willow5 years old

Despite being a young father himself, Lil Durk has embraced the challenges and joys of parenthood with open arms, nurturing his growing brood while simultaneously pursuing his musical dreams.

Lil Durk Children Names

Lil Durk Children Names

Each of Lil Durk’s children bears a name as unique as their father’s journey. While the meanings behind monikers like Angelo, Bella, and Willow are self-evident, others like Zayden, Du’mier, and Skyler hold deeper personal significance for the doting dad.

In interviews, Lil Durk has often spoken about the profound impact his children have had on his life, serving as a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Quotes like:

My kids are everything to me. They’re the reason I wake up every day and keep pushing. Highlight the rapper’s unwavering commitment to being the best father he can be, despite the demands of his flourishing career.

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Angelo Banks

Lil Durk’s firstborn, Angelo, entered the world in 2011 when the rapper was just 17 years old. This pivotal moment not only marked the beginning of Lil Durk’s fatherhood journey but also profoundly influenced his musical pursuits.

Despite the challenges of becoming a teen dad, Lil Durk embraced his newfound role with determination, channeling his experiences into his lyrics and using his art as an outlet to provide for his growing family. As Angelo has grown, his bond with his father has only strengthened, with the young man often making appearances at Lil Durk’s performances and events.

Bella Banks

Two years after the birth of Angelo, Lil Durk and his then-wife Nicole welcomed their daughter, Bella, into the world. While their romantic relationship may have run its course, the co-parents have remained committed to raising Bella in a loving and supportive environment.

Little is known about Bella’s childhood, as Lil Durk has chosen to keep this aspect of his life relatively private. However, glimpses shared through social media posts and rare interviews paint a picture of a bright young girl who clearly adores her father and older brother.

Zayden Banks

In close succession to the birth of Bella, Lil Durk became a father for the third time with the arrival of his son, Zayden. Details surrounding Zayden’s mother and his early years remain somewhat of a mystery, as the rapper has opted to keep this part of his family life out of the public eye.

However, what is evident is the deep love and affection Lil Durk holds for all his children, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their births. In interviews, he has spoken candidly about the challenges of being a young father to multiple children, but his unwavering commitment to his role has never wavered.

Du’mier Banks

Shrouded in even more mystery is the story of Lil Durk’s fourth child, Du’mier Banks. The rapper himself has been relatively tight-lipped about this particular offspring, choosing to keep details about Du’mier’s mother and upbringing private.

While the reasons behind this decision are unknown, it is clear that Lil Durk values his children’s privacy and well-being above all else. Despite the limited information available, one can assume that Du’mier is undoubtedly a cherished member of the family, receiving the same love and care as his siblings.

Skyler Banks

In 2014, Lil Durk welcomed his second daughter, Skyler Banks, into the world. Her mother is believed to be a woman named Tameka Kute, though details about their relationship remain scarce. Like many aspects of his personal life, Lil Durk has chosen to keep Skyler’s childhood relatively private, shielding her from the public eye.

The handful of glimpses shared through social media posts and rare interviews offer a heartwarming look at the special bond between father and daughter. Whether it’s attending one of her dad’s shows or simply spending quality time together, it’s clear that Skyler holds a special place in Lil Durk’s heart, further cementing his role as a devoted father.

Willow Banks

Lil Durk’s youngest child, Willow Banks, was born in October 2018 to his current partner, India Royale. The couple’s love story took a romantic turn in December 2021 when the rapper popped the question during a performance at the iconic United Center in Chicago.

While their paths to this moment may have been unconventional, Willow’s birth has undoubtedly been a highlight in Lil Durk’s life, marking the start of a new chapter as a modern family man. Her unique name, which means “slender and resilient,” perfectly encapsulates the hope and strength that this little girl has brought into her parents’ lives.

Lil Durk Net Worth

Lil Durk Net Worth

Lil Durk’s rise to fame has not only brought him critical acclaim but has also translated into substantial financial success. As of 2024, the rapper’s net worth is estimated to be an impressive $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

This wealth accumulation can be largely attributed to his successful music career, boasting a remarkable discography filled with hit albums, singles, and collaborations. Notably, his 2020 album “The Voice” received widespread acclaim and contributed significantly to his growing fortune.

Lil Durk’s financial prowess extends beyond his musical endeavors. As the CEO of his record label, Only the Family (OTF), he has ventured into entrepreneurship, nurturing and supporting fellow talents in the industry. This diversified approach to wealth-building has further cemented his status as a multi-talented and astute businessman.

In interviews, Lil Durk has often spoken about the importance of financial stability, not just for himself but for the well-being of his family. Quotes like:

I’m not just doing this for me anymore. Every move I make, every dollar I earn, is for my kids and their future. Highlight the rapper’s unwavering determination to provide the best life possible for his children, a driving force behind his relentless work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Lil Durk Age

Born on October 19, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois, Lil Durk celebrated his 30th birthday in 2022. Despite his relatively young age, the rapper has already achieved remarkable success, solidifying his place in the hip-hop realm while simultaneously navigating the challenges of fatherhood.

Becoming a dad at the tender age of 17, Lil Durk’s journey has been one of resilience, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to his craft and his family. His ability to balance his flourishing career with the demands of parenthood is a testament to his strength of character and unwavering work ethic.

Through his music and personal life, Lil Durk has emerged as a powerful voice for a generation of young people facing similar struggles and challenges. His insightful lyrics and candid interviews often touch upon themes of loyalty, hustling, and the importance of family, resonating with fans worldwide.


Lil Durk’s extraordinary life story is a tapestry woven with threads of struggle, triumph, and an unwavering love for his children. From the streets of Chicago to the heights of hip-hop stardom, this multitalented artist has carved out a path that is as unique as the family he has created.

With six beautiful children from various relationships, Lil Durk’s role as a father has become an integral part of his identity, shaping his music, his ambitions, and his outlook on life. Whether it’s Angelo, Bella, Zayden, Du’mier, Skyler, or Willow, each child holds a special place in the rapper’s heart, serving as a constant reminder of the importance of family, love, and perseverance.

As Lil Durk continues to scale new heights in his career, his journey as a parent will undoubtedly remain a central driving force, inspiring him to reach even greater heights and create a legacy that extends far beyond his music. In the words of the man himself:

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