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Lupu Wellness, also known as Liz Lupu, is a popular American Instagram model, health coach, and social media personality. Diagnosed with lupus at 21, she transformed adversity into a wellness mission, earning fame for sharing her holistic health journey. 

With a strong online presence and a focus on inspiring others, Lupu Wellness engages with millions of followers worldwide, promoting a balanced lifestyle through fitness, yoga, and positive well-being practices.

Who is Lupu Wellness?

Who is Lupu Wellness?

Lupu Wellness, also known as Liz Lupu, is a vibrant and influential Instagram model, health coach, and yogi hailing from Los Angeles. Diagnosed with lupus at 21, she turned adversity into motivation, embarking on a wellness mission. 

With a significant social media presence, Lupu shares her holistic health journey, offering inspiration and education to her growing audience. 

Her commitment to wellness, positive attitude, and dedication to helping others achieve their health goals have made her a beloved figure in the online wellness community, earning her millions of followers worldwide.


Real NameElizabeth
NicknameLiz Lupu
ProfessionInstagram model, yogi, health coach,
and social media star
AgeLate 23s
BirthplaceMichigan, USA
Famous ForInstagram
Zodiac SignNot Known

Early life and education

In her early years, Lupu Wellness, known as Liz Lupu, grew up in a small town with a loving family. From a young age, she showed a keen interest in learning and enjoyed participating in various activities. Lupu attended a local high school, engaging in sports and volunteering. 

Her dedication to education continued into college, where she pursued a degree in health and wellness. During her college days, Lupu discovered her passion for yoga, eventually becoming a certified yoga instructor. This early period laid the foundation for her inspiring journey as Lupu Wellness, the renowned Instagram model, yogi, and health coach.

Career and rise to fame

Career and rise to fame

Lupu Wellness’s journey to fame began with her diagnosis of lupus at 21, which inspired her to explore holistic health solutions. Despite the challenges, she pursued a career as a health coach and wellness advocate. 

Leveraging social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Lupu shared her personal stories, health tips, and holistic practices, resonating with a wide audience seeking inspiration and guidance. 

Through dedication and authenticity, she quickly gained popularity, collaborating with brands and businesses in the wellness industry. Lupu’s rise to fame showcases the power of resilience and the impact of genuine connections in the digital age, inspiring countless individuals on their own wellness journeys.

Lupu Wellness’s Family Background

Lupu Wellness keeps her family background relatively private, but it’s evident she hails from Los Angeles, California, known for its vibrant culture and wellness community. Despite limited details, her social media interactions reflect strong support from family and friends throughout her health journey. 

While she doesn’t disclose specifics, expressions of gratitude in her posts highlight the crucial role her family plays in her pursuit of wellness. Their unwavering support underscores Lupu’s determination to navigate health challenges and emerge as a respected figure in the holistic health community.

Social media presence and following

Lupu Wellness has cultivated a robust social media presence, capturing the hearts of over 500K followers on Instagram, along with a notable presence on platforms like TikTok and Twitch. Her engaging content, ranging from health tips to personal stories, resonates with a diverse audience. 

Lupu’s authenticity and dedication to holistic wellness have fueled her popularity, making her a beloved figure in the online community. Through her accessible and relatable posts, she connects with followers worldwide, fostering a supportive virtual space for health enthusiasts and those inspired by her transformative journey.

The Net Worth of Lupu Wellness

The Net Worth of Lupu Wellness

Lupu Wellness’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, but it’s likely substantial given her diverse income streams. As a successful health coach, she earns a significant income from her coaching services. Her large following on Instagram and TikTok opens up opportunities for brand collaborations and sponsorships, further contributing to her earnings. 

Lupu also profits from online workshops and courses centered around holistic health and wellness, adding to her financial success. While exact figures remain unknown, her focus lies more on sharing knowledge and helping others rather than on material wealth, reflecting her genuine commitment to wellness.

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Intriguingly, Lupu Wellness holds the distinction of having the most viewed account on OnlyFans, showcasing her immense popularity. As a guest on various podcasts, she passionately discusses social issues close to her heart. An avid traveler, Lupu explores destinations like Amsterdam and Bali, sharing her vibrant experiences. 

Her wellness routine, featuring yoga and collaborations with influencers like Mia Huffman, underlines her commitment to a balanced lifestyle. With a penchant for nature, Lupu’s Instagram reveals stunning landscapes and her love for animals. Despite her rising fame, Lupu stays true to her mission of inspiring and educating others on the journey to holistic health.

Lupu Wellness Fans

Lupu Wellness has formed a strong bond with her fans through her Only Fans page, offering an intimate peek into her life with 838 personal photos and 268 videos. This personalized content, ranging from photos to customized videos, has garnered positive feedback, solidifying her position as a beloved figure in the social media community. Her interactive approach fosters a friendly environment, drawing new followers and contributing to her continuous rise in popularity.

Lupu Wellness’s Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Lupu Wellness keeps her love life private, choosing not to reveal details about her boyfriend or relationship status on social media. Despite occasional hints in her posts, she prioritizes her wellness journey and career, leaving little room for public romantic engagements. 

With a close-knit circle of friends and family who provide emotional support, Lupu remains focused on inspiring and assisting her followers in their health and wellness pursuits. Her commitment to maintaining certain aspects of her life as private reflects her dedication to professionalism and passion for helping others achieve their well-being goals.

Before Fame

Before becoming known as Lupu Wellness, Elizabeth, or Lucy Lupu, grew up in Los Angeles with a passion for learning and love for nature. In her early years, she displayed a humanitarian spirit, always ready to help others. Even before her lupus diagnosis and subsequent fame, Lupu already aimed to make a positive impact. 

Growing up in a small town, she excelled in studies, engaged in sports and volunteering, and laid the foundation for her future as a wellness influencer. Her childhood reflected her intrinsic values and love for humanity, shaping her into the inspirational figure she is today.


Lupu Wellness enjoys a variety of hobbies in her free time. She is a big fan of traveling, exploring new cultures, and has visited places like Bali and Amsterdam. Lupu’s love for yoga is evident, and she practices it fervently, sharing her routines on social media. 

She takes pleasure in reading self-help books, with “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle being her favorite. Lupu’s love for nature is showcased through her appreciation of scenic landscapes and beautiful flowers. 

She is also fond of swimming, finding it both invigorating and calming, and enjoys tea, particularly green tea for its health benefits. Lupu Wellness’s diverse interests, from fashion to sunrise appreciation, reflect her well-rounded and balanced approach to life.

Lupu Wellness personal info

Lupu Wellness personal info

Lupu Wellness, also known as Liz Lupu, is an influential Instagram model, yogi, health coach, and social media star in her late 20s from Michigan, USA. With a passion for fitness and wellness, she has garnered millions of followers worldwide. Lupu, committed to inspiring others, particularly the youth, shares her positive attitude and creative content to motivate individuals to reach their full potential in life. 

Known for her dedication to health, Lupu’s holistic approach emphasizes nutrition, exercise, and self-care. Her commitment to wellness has earned her considerable success, making her a role model in the online community. Lupu Wellness, born Elizabeth, had a humble upbringing in Michigan, cultivating a love for nature and humanitarian values. 

Her educational journey led her to a degree in health and wellness, shaping her career as a health coach and influencer. Standing at 5’7″, Lupu maintains a well-toned physique, reflecting her fitness dedication and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Lupu’s genuine and relatable content on social media has allowed her to connect globally, inspiring others to prioritize their health and well-being.

Real NameElizabeth
NicknameLiz Lupu
ProfessionInstagram model, yogi, health coach, and social media star
AgeLate 23s
Date of BirthDecember 12-2002
BirthplaceMichigan, USA
HometownMichigan, USA
Zodiac SignNot Known
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForInstagram

Height and Body Measurements

Lupu Wellness stands tall at 5’7″, sporting a well-toned physique at 132 lbs. Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle is evident in her slim, athletic build. Believing in the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise, she serves as an inspiration to her followers. Her commitment to fitness and wellness shines through, encouraging others to prioritize their health and embrace an active lifestyle.

Height (approx.)Meters: 1.66 mCentimeters: 166 cmFeet Inches: 5′ 7″
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms- 60 kgIn Pounds- 132 lbs.

Career and Social Media Journey

Career and Social Media Journey

Lupu Wellness embarked on her career journey by sharing her fitness and wellness experiences on Instagram, swiftly amassing a devoted following. As her influence flourished, she collaborated with health and wellness brands, producing content that resonated globally. 

Expanding her reach, Lupu ventured into YouTube and launched a website, sharing workout tips and healthy recipes. Her relatable content forged connections worldwide, inspiring others to prioritize health. 

Passionate about health coaching and yoga, she employs a holistic approach to guide individuals in achieving fitness goals. With dedication and authenticity, Lupu Wellness continues to inspire a healthy and balanced lifestyle, making her a prominent figure in the wellness community.

Health Coaching and Yoga

Lupu Wellness is not just an Instagram sensation; she’s a dedicated health coach and passionate yoga advocate. As a health coach, Lupu collaborates closely with individuals to create personalized wellness plans, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, exercise, and self-care. Her holistic approach aims to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. 

On the yoga front, Lupu promotes physical and mental strength through her virtual classes and online content. With simplicity and enthusiasm, she inspires others to prioritize their well-being, proving that a balanced and fulfilled life is attainable through the combined practices of health coaching and yoga.


Lupu Wellness keeps her romantic life private, offering limited details about her boyfriend or husband. While her commitment to health and wellness suggests a preference for partners who share similar values, specific information about her relationship status remains undisclosed. 

Her focus on personal growth and well-being aligns with the idea of a supportive and positive partner, but the specifics of Lupu Wellness’s romantic life are kept away from public scrutiny. Despite the curiosity surrounding her relationships, she continues to inspire through her dedication to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Lupu Wellness’ approach to wellness and health coaching

Lupu Wellness embraces a holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being. Through her health coaching, she encourages individuals to adopt personalized plans that prioritize nutrition, exercise, and self-care. 

Lupu believes in the power of positive habits and works closely with her clients to create sustainable routines for a balanced and fulfilled life. With a focus on simplicity and practicality, she demystifies health concepts, making them accessible to everyone. Lupu’s approach is not just about quick fixes but about cultivating lasting well-being through gradual and achievable lifestyle changes.

Lupu Wellness’ charitable works and community involvement

Lupu Wellness actively engages in charitable works and community involvement, embodying her commitment to making a positive impact. Through partnerships with various organizations, she donates to causes close to her heart, such as lupus awareness and holistic health education. 

Lupu also takes a hands-on approach, participating in local community events and wellness workshops. Her dedication to helping others extends beyond the digital realm, demonstrating that she not only talks the talk but walks the walk in fostering a healthier and more compassionate world.

Criticisms and controversies surrounding Lupu Wellness

Despite Lupu Wellness’s positive influence in the wellness community, she has faced criticisms and controversies. Some critics argue that her holistic health advice lacks scientific backing, raising concerns about the effectiveness of her methods. 

Lupu has been under scrutiny for the explicit content on her OnlyFans page, with some claiming it contradicts her wellness image. While she continues to inspire many, these controversies highlight the challenges faced by influencers in maintaining a balance between personal choices and their public persona.


1. Lupu Wellness loves traveling and exploring new cultures.

2. Her favorite pastime is practicing yoga for relaxation and fitness.

3. Lupu enjoys expressing her creativity through painting colorful artwork.

4. Reading self-help books, like “The Power of Now,” is one of her relaxing hobbies.

5. Being an animal lover, Lupu often shares pictures with different pets on Instagram.

6. Swimming is her preferred form of exercise, finding it both invigorating and calming.

7. Lupu is a fan of green tea, enjoying its health benefits as her favorite flavor.

8. She embraces nature, frequently sharing pictures of scenic landscapes and beautiful flowers on social media.


Lupu Wellness, an American Instagram model and health advocate, has captured hearts with her inspiring journey from lupus diagnosis to becoming a wellness influencer. In her late 20s, she emphasizes holistic health, showcasing her passion for yoga and plant-based living. 

While her family remains private, Lupu’s unwavering dedication to her wellness mission has earned her a significant following. Despite her popularity, she keeps her personal life, including her boyfriend, under wraps. 

Lupu’s net worth, driven by coaching services and social media presence, reflects her successful career, yet she remains focused on sharing knowledge over material wealth. In 2024, Lupu Wellness continues to shine as a beacon of resilience and authenticity in the wellness community.


What sparked Lupu Wellness’s interest in holistic health?

Lupu Wellness’s interest in holistic health was sparked by her lupus diagnosis at the age of 21, motivating her to explore alternative health solutions and ultimately become a health coach and wellness advocate.

How did Lupu Wellness gain such a large social media following?

Lupu Wellness gained a substantial social media following by consistently sharing inspirational and educational content on holistic health, coupled with her unique approach to health coaching and openness about her personal wellness journey, resonating with a diverse audience.

What type of content does Lupu Wellness share on her Only Fans?

Lupu Wellness shares an intimate glimpse into her life, featuring personal photos, videos, and the option to order custom content on her OnlyFans page.

Is Lupu Wellness’s family supportive of her career?

While specific details remain private, Lupu Wellness has indicated on social media that her family is supportive of her wellness journey and career.

Does Lupu Wellness have any other sources of income aside from her coaching services?

Yes, Lupu Wellness earns additional income through her social media presence, including brand collaborations, sponsorships, and the sale of online workshops and courses.

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