Lyrics To The Man In The Mirror

The Man in the Mirror is a song recorded by Michael Jackson in 1987. The lyrics focus on personal accountability and positive changes in one’s life and community. It encourages looking inward for strength and change rather than blaming external factors.

The chorus repeats the simple yet powerful message I’m going to make a change, for once in my life going to feel real good, going to make a difference, going to make it right. This catchy hook emphasizes taking responsibility to enact positive change starting from within yourself.

The song, written by Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard, aims to inspire activism and community improvement. It highlights that true change begins with self-reflection and bettering oneself, which can then positively impact society through noble actions. The lyrics avoid finger-pointing and place the onus on the listener to examine their role in problems to find practical solutions.

Take a look at yourself and make that change

Looking at yourself deeply can be hard. You must have courage within. See what in life you don’t like about how you currently act. For example, reflecting on a Mirror Of Our Fears Summary can provide insight into parts of your behavior that could use some adjustment. Think how little improvements each day can help you become better. Even small changes, when consistent, lead to growth. Slowly but steadily you will become your best self.

Change takes effort but is worth it. It feels rewarding to develop yourself. Be proud of every step of progress you make. Offer support for others also trying to better themselves. Together our positive influences uplift one another. Bit by bit, positive changes transform both people and the world.

Michael Jackson sang see who you are within

Michael’s famous song looks past outward appearances into our inner nature. It asks us to truly know ourselves at our core. When we reflect deeply, what do we find within our character and heart? We each must decide who we are inside.

By seeing our sincere inner reality, the process of growth can begin. We start to recognize where we can improve our weaknesses or nurture our strengths more. With self-acceptance of both flaws and virtues, transformation of self is possible. His thoughtful lyrics help people connect with their highest potential.

See the truth reflected in transforming your life

The mirror shows us our honest reality, revealing not just what others on the outside see but who we genuinely are underneath externally displayed behavior. This self-truth empowers positive change.

When we face life’s hard truths and accept them, improvement follows naturally. We re-work habits and attitudes that don’t align with our highest self. New doors of opportunity emerge as old ways fall away. Small but dedicated changes compound over time, resulting in life breakthroughs and self-mastery. The outcome is a truer, happier person.

Want a different world start inside and take responsibility

Want a different world start inside and take responsibility

If we desire favorable external conditions, we must start from within first by looking at our values and conduct. Consider how, through our sphere of influence whatever its size, each individual can contribute to positive change.

Personally embody the examples you expect from others through integrity in thought, speech, and action. Guide and teach people humbly through what you demonstrate rather than what you say. Do your part willingly to construct together the future society you envision. With many individuals playing their roles, great social developments grow organically.

Beyond the surface see what needs amendment

Usually, we assess others and ourselves based primarily on outward appearance alone, but true character lies in what’s underneath and unseen. What defines our humanity emerges from within the domains of heart, mind, and conscience more than superficial traits.

The mirror of introspection reveals deeper insights about our nature and needs for growth. See honestly with compassion to nourish strengths while strengthening weaknesses. Through this kind of self-examination one blossoms into their fullest, balanced potential. Change starts when we understand life’s profound lessons hiding below life’s surface drama.

Each holds power shift direction first change self

Every individual possesses the capacity to redirect life’s course through free will and effort of thought. However, inner transformation must precede outer change. We must see clearly how to more fully manifest our highest virtues on life’s stage.

Lead by example through humbly yet courageously walking your talk. Your steps have more ripple effects in the world than you know. When many people prioritize growing in compassion together, positive social evolution follows organically for all.

Practice what you preach and live how you want the world to live

Demonstrate daily through concrete action the principles of truth, justice, and goodwill you advocate. Show caring for the community through loving how you treat people moment to moment as much as the noble ideals you profess. Guide humbly through your sincerity rather than words alone.

Model the compassion you wish had more place in society. Regard all Beings with the courtesy and respect that uplifts the human spirit. In this lies the power to manifest external conditions aligning with your vision of a just, sustainable world where all may thrive. Consistent practice of virtues, however ordinary seemingly, quietly sows profound change


The lyrics of this iconic song challenge each person to make positive changes starting from within. Michael Jackson sings about looking at yourself in the mirror and making adjustments to become your best self. He urges people to accept responsibility and be the change they wish to see.

These thoughtful words still inspire self-reflection and growth today. When we courageously face life’s hard truths and work step-by-step to strengthen our character, we transform not just ourselves but also the world. By practicing compassion and goodwill as we wish to receive them, we collectively cultivate justice, harmony, and peace. The man in the mirror represents our infinite potential to improve, and together through determined yet gentle progress, build a brighter future.


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