Mirror Molding – The Easy Upgrade to Boring Bathrooms

We’ve all been there – standing in your bathroom realizing it’s drab, boring, with the same old basic mirror. You want to upgrade but don’t want an expensive renovation. Well, we have great news! There’s a simple, affordable DIY trick to instantly give your bathroom mirror an upgrade – mirror molding.

Mirror molding is exactly what it sounds like – decorative molding designed specifically for framing and surrounding mirrors. Usually made of wood, mirror molding comes in different sizes, colors, finishes, and styles to match any decor. 

The best part is that it simply adheres around your existing mirror to transform it without having to fully replace the mirror itself. This quick DIY project provides an instant upgrade that can take your bathroom from bleh to breathtaking. 

The Difference Between Crown Molding and Mirror Frame Kits

The Difference Between Crown Molding and Mirror Frame Kits

When looking to add a decorative frame or molding around a bathroom mirror, you essentially have two options:

Traditional Crown Molding – This is the type of decorative molding most commonly used in homes where the wall meets the ceiling. Crown molding helps cover the corner seam for a more finished look. The issue with using traditional crown molding for a mirror frame is that the pieces would need to be very carefully measured and cut to size for each edge of the mirror. 

You would also need additional supplies like glue or double-sided tape, clamps, nails, caulk, and patience to affix the molding and get clean finished lines. Using standard crown molding for a mirror frame requires advanced DIY skills.

Custom Pre-Cut Mirror Frame Kits – As the name implies, these are molding kits designed specifically for the use of framing mirrors. Everything comes pre-cut and ready for assembly based on the measurements of your mirror that you provide. 

Mirror frame kits include all the tools, hardware, adhesives, and instructions needed for a quick and seamless installation – no complex measuring or cutting required. The molding pieces are also thick enough to add substance and depth around the mirror. 

How to Install Mirror Molding in 3 Simple Steps

How to Install Mirror Molding in 3 Simple Steps

One of the best parts about DIY mirror molding is that it is incredibly easy to install. In less than an hour, you can have a stunning statement mirror that looks like it came straight out of a designer showroom. Here are the three basic steps:

1. Choose Your Style

With so many options for mirror molding these days, you can certainly find ones to match your desired decorative style. Consider factors like:

  • Color – Match existing hardware and fixtures or make a statement with something bold or metallic.
  • Finish – Smooth, distressed, painted, natural wood, faux marble and more.
  • Thickness – Thicker molding makes more of a statement.
  • Size – Consider the existing scale of your mirror and bathroom.
  • Shape – Rectangular, circular, curved, or geometric.

Take accurate measurements of your existing mirror prior to ordering so you receive a frame in the perfect custom size.

2. Order Your Custom-Sized Frame

Order Your Custom-Sized Frame

One of the best parts of the online companies offering pre-cut mirror molding kits is the ability to order a frame specific to the size and shape of your mirror. Provide them with the accurate measurements and description of the mirror molding style you want, and soon you’ll receive a frame that fits like a glove.

The kits include all the necessary adhesives, hangers, nails and screws so you’ll have everything on hand for a seamless install.

3. Install Your Glamorous New Framed Mirror!

Installation is so easy, anyone can tackle this simple DIY project. The frames are designed to affix right over your existing mirror without having to remove or replace it.

Here are the basic installation steps:

  1. Clean the surface of the mirror thoroughly to remove any dust, oils or soap residue. Wipe dry.
  2. Assemble the pieces of mirror molding using the provided corner clamps and adhesive. Dry fit first before gluing.
  3. Determine placement and hold the frame to the wall around the mirror. Mark spots for the nail holes.
  4. Secure the frame pieces into place by nailing or screwing into the studs or drywall anchors.
  5. Allow adhesive to fully cure and set.
  6. Admire your handiwork and stylish new focal point!

The included instructions will provide all the specifics you need for seamless assembly and hanging. In less than an hour, you can have a bathroom mirror that looks like a million bucks but cost a fraction of the price.

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Additional Tips and Tricks for Customizing Your Framed Mirror

Additional Tips and Tricks for Customizing Your Framed Mirror

The great thing about adding mirror molding is that it also opens up so many other creative ways to make your bathroom mirror a true statement piece. Here are some additional tricks to customize your newly framed mirror:

  • Add flowers, leaves, vines, sea shells or other elements around the inside edge of the frame for an organic look.
  • Paint or finish the molding an unexpected color for a fun pop rather than neutral tones.
  • Distress or antique the finish on the frame for a vintage, worn style.
  • Wallpaper or paint the wall behind the mirror in a dramatic pattern or color that shows through the frame.
  • Hang wall sconces or pendant lights on either side of the mirror to illuminate it.
  • Surround with complementary artwork or wall tiles in colors pulled from the frame.
  • Layer mirrors by hanging a smaller accent mirror over the top of the framed mirror.

Mirror molding opens up so many creative decorating possibilities and ways to reflect your personal style. The options are truly endless!


Hopefully you now understand why mirror molding is such a clever DIY hack for upgrading a boring builder-grade bathroom mirror on a budget. For just a few hundred dollars and a small time investment, you can have a bathroom mirror focal point that looks incredibly high-end and custom designed. 

The dramatic transformation mirror molding provides is an easy weekend project that can entirely change the look and feel of your bathroom. With the wide variety of mirror molding kits available online today pre-sized to fit your existing mirror, this is a DIY renovation anyone can tackle. 

No expensive contractors, long renovation timeline, or replacement of your current mirror required. Just order your preferred frame online, assemble it in minutes, and install following the provided directions.


Which mirror shape is best for bathroom?

The best mirror shape for a bathroom is oval or rectangle.

How do you dress up a boring bathroom mirror?

You can dress up a boring bathroom mirror by adding LED lights, decals, accessories or plants around the frame.

How do you update a boring mirror?

You can update a boring mirror by framing it with decorative trim, mounting lights, or accessorizing the surrounding area.

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