Can I Use Dry Erase Markers On A Mirror?

Dry erase markers are thin markers that can write on glass or metal surfaces and erase easily with a dry cloth. Using these markers on a mirror means writing directly onto the reflective glass surface with the markers and erasing the writing.

Have you ever wondered if you can use dry erase markers on your bathroom or bedroom mirror? Maybe you wanted to leave a message or reminder for yourself but weren’t sure if the markers would damage the mirror. Using dry erase markers on mirrors is a quick way to leave notes without permanent ink but will it really work?

While dry erase markers are designed to write on glass, they may not erase as cleanly from a mirror as from a whiteboard. The reflection from the mirror backing can cause the writing to smear instead of fully erasing. To test it, write a small message in a corner first before covering the whole mirror.


Use dry erase markers as a creative way to write inspiring messages on mirrors in your home. Dark colored markers like black work best, allowing the writing to stand out against the reflective surface. Erase and update the message as desired – daily or weekly – making it a fun daily ritual. For a more subtle approach, concentrate the writing in just one corner.

A few uplifting words in a black marker will catch the eye without dominating the entire mirror. Those wishing to take it a step further can practice a decorative script, adding visual appeal to the routine. The mirror serves as a thoughtful canvas, reflecting positive affirmations back throughout the day. With minimal effort, it becomes a source of quiet motivation in your space.

Does the dry erase marker come off the mirror?

Dry erase markers are designed to write on glass surfaces and wipe off easily. Many people wonder if they can use these markers on mirrors as well. Mirrors are not exactly the same as other glass. Mirrors have a reflective backing that can cause issues with erasing.

When dry erase marker is used on a mirror, the writing may smear instead of fully removing when wiped. This is because the reflection from the backing interacts with the marker ink differently than a plain glass surface would. It takes more diligent wiping and rubbing to remove all traces of the writing from a mirror versus other glass. 

Can I use dry erase markers on a mirror?

Can I use dry erase markers on a mirror?

Many wonder if dry erase markers can be used on mirrors like they are used on whiteboards. These markers are made to write on glass and erase easily. But a mirror is not entirely like a whiteboard or window. A mirror has a backing that causes reflections.

Using dry erase markers on a mirror may cause the writing to smear instead of fully removing when wiped. This is because the reflective backing can affect how the ink interacts with the surface. It may take more effort to erase completely than on a plain glass sheet. There is also a chance faint marks remain. 

Can I use a whiteboard marker on a mirror?

Many wonder if whiteboard markers can be used for writing on mirrors. These markers are made for writing on whiteboard surfaces and wiping cleanly. But mirrors are not exactly like whiteboards. Mirrors contain a backing that creates reflections.

Using whiteboard markers on mirrors may cause the writing to smear rather than fully erase. This is because the reflective backing affects how the ink interacts with the surface. Removing all the marks takes more effort than on plain glass. There is also a risk of faint marks remaining. It is best to test in a small area first before using all over the mirror.

The 3 Best Dry Erase Markers For Mirrors

Writing on mirrors with dry erase markers is possible but certain markers work better than others. Here are the top three markers recommended for use on mirrors.

Expo Neon Window Dry Erase Markers

Expo markers are designed for writing on glass surfaces like windows, making them a great option for mirrors. They contain special ink that adheres well to glass but still wipes away cleanly. The neon colors also show up brightly against the mirror’s reflective surface. These markers provide vibrant writing with minimal ghosting after erasing.

Quartet Glass Board Dry Erase Markers

Quartet dry erase markers are formulated for glass writing boards but translate well to mirrors. Their thick chisel tip lays down broad strokes of ink easily. Unlike some others, these markers do not smear or leave cloudy residue behind when wiping mirrors. The eraser on the other end also helps remove any remaining traces of writing.

U Brands Dry Erase Markers

As an affordable option, U Brands markers perform surprisingly well on mirrors. They glide smoothly and produce dark, clear lines. While the ink may show through very lightly after erasing, a few additional swipes makes the mirror look like new again. These basic markers demonstrate that you don’t need the priciest tools for the task.

What marker can I use on a mirror?

Dry erase markers are the best choice for writing on mirrors. These markers are formulated to adhere to glass surfaces like windows and whiteboards, so they work well on mirrors which are essentially a type of glass. Within dry erase markers, some brands perform better than others on mirrors.

The most important qualities to look for in a dry erase marker for mirrors are thin tips that glide smoothly and inks that do not smear or leave residue when wiped. Thick or bleeding inks can make complete erasing very difficult. Test different markers in small areas first to see which ones come off the mirror the easiest.

How can we use dry erase markers on a mirror?

How can we use dry erase markers on a mirror?

There are a few tips for successfully using dry erase markers on mirrors. First, only write on mirrors in areas that will be wiped, not the entire surface. Gently shake the marker before use to distribute the ink evenly in the tip. Apply light pressure and write slowly to avoid blotches. Allow writing to dry fully before wiping, around 30 seconds.

Use a dry microfiber or rubber eraser designed for whiteboards to remove the writing. Wipe in straight, broad strokes applying gentle pressure. It may take more passes than on a plain whiteboard to erase from the mirror completely. Check for any faint leftover marks by viewing the area from the side against the light. A few additional wipes should remove all traces.

What is the best way to clean mirrors with marker stains?

Here are some effective methods for removing marker stains from mirrors:

Product Method
Isopropyl Alcohol Apply rubbing alcohol to a cloth or paper towel and rub the stained area.
Baking Soda Make a thicker paste by mixing baking soda and water. Apply and rub lightly.
Vinegar Pour vinegar directly on the stain and let sit for 5 minutes before wiping clean.
Toothpaste Apply a dab of toothpaste, rub and rinse thoroughly to remove polishing agents.
Dry Erase Cleaner Spray the cleaner directly on the stain and wipe. Many contain alcohol for cutting through marks.

If the stain remains, try covering it with a dry erase marker of the same color and wiping clean. This can help blend the pigments. As a last resort, carefully use a single-edge razor blade to shave off stubborn ghost marks. Always test cleaning methods in small, concealed areas first.

Using the proper markers, taking time to allow for full drying, and thorough wiping are the best ways to prevent messes. But should any marks occur, these techniques can help restore mirrors back to their original clarity. Mirrors Magnetic dry-erase boards can be an alternative that avoids the issue of removing marks from the mirror surface altogether, as they are intended specifically for erasable writing and can be easily wiped clean.

Can you use dry erase markers on glass

Dry erase markers can be used on glass surfaces that have a special dry-erase coating applied. This coating allows the ink from the markers to temporarily bond to the glass but also wipe off easily. Many whiteboards now use glass with this dry-erase coating, enabling markers to be used for writing on them similar to a traditional whiteboard.

Special dry-erase films can also be purchased and applied to glass windows or doors to allow marker usage. Not all glass is compatible with dry erase markers. Regular uncoated glass like window panes may cause issues as the ink cannot easily dry or wipe off.

It risks smearing and leaving behind ghost images that do not fully remove. Testing the marker in a small area first is recommended before using all over to ensure the surface has a dry-erase coating. Using markers on the wrong glass could result in permanent markings.


What markers can I use on a mirror?

Dry erase markers work best for writing on mirrors.

Does dry erase marker come off glass?

Dry erase markers are meant for writing on glass and can be erased easily.

Is it OK to use dry erase markers on Windows?

Yes, dry erase markers are safe to use on windows as they are formulated for glass surfaces.


While dry erase markers can technically be used for writing on mirrors, there are some important things to consider. The reflective backing of a mirror can make complete erasure of the writing more difficult compared to a plain sheet of glass. It is best to test markers in a small area first to see how well they wipe off. With the right markers and proper technique, leaving notes or reminders on the mirror is possible.

In the end, dry erase markers designed for glass work surfaces provide the best chance of the writing wiping cleanly away from a mirror. Taking time for the ink to dry fully before wiping and going over any residue areas again helps achieve clear mirrors. Dry erase markers allow easy writing on mirrors when used carefully according to the tips discussed in this article. With a little practice, they can be suitable for light mirror messages.

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