How To Mirror Iphone To Tv?

Mirroring an iPhone to a TV means wirelessly displaying or casting the iPhone screen on a TV set. This allows users to view videos, photos, play games or browse websites on a larger TV screen using their iPhone.

How To Mirror Iphone To Tv? Many people often wonder about this. Mirroring your iPhone makes it easy to enjoy movies, shows or videos from apps like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube on the big screen. It also lets you give presentations or share photos from your iPhone with others on a TV.

To mirror an iPhone to a TV, users need to ensure their iPhone and TV support screen mirroring via AirPlay or Chromecast. Then with just a few taps in the Control Center on the iPhone, the entire iPhone screen can be cast wirelessly on the TV for an enhanced viewing experience on a larger display. 

Key Facts

  • The ability to reflect an iPhone’s screen to a television is known as screen mirroring, and it’s a fantastic way to stream films, see images, and more.
  • While you may use an HDMI connection to connect your phone to your television to view its screen, the iPhone also has a basic wireless feature called AirPlay.

How To Screen Mirror Using Airplay

How To Screen Mirror Using Airplay

To mirror an iPhone to a TV using AirPlay, the iPhone and TV must be on the same WiFi network. Users need to access the iPhone control center by swiping down from the top right of the screen. 

They need to tap on the screen mirroring icon which shows two boxes. Then they select the TV they want to cast the iPhone screen to. To stop mirroring, users tap the screen mirroring option again and choose the stop mirroring selection.

How To Use Airplay To Stream Videos

To mirror an iPhone and stream videos to a TV using AirPlay, both devices must be connected to WiFi. Users launch the video app like Netflix or YouTube on the iPhone. They need to locate the AirPlay icon which is a small rectangle with a triangle at the bottom. After tapping it, they can select the TV to stream the video on from the list of available devices.

The video will now play wirelessly on the large TV screen. Users can also share videos from their photo library this way. To stop streaming, they tap the AirPlay icon again and select iPhone to resume playing the video on the smaller screen. With AirPlay, users get to enjoy watching videos,Facetime calls or presentations from their iPhone on a big TV screen.

Other Ways To Screen Mirror

Other Ways To Screen Mirror

There are a few different methods to mirror an iPhone screen onto a TV without using AirPlay. Apps like Chromecast and Roku allow wireless casting from iPhone when paired with a compatible streaming device connected to the TV. With Chromecast, users launch the Chromecast app and select the video or screen they want to share.

Roku works similarly using the Roku app installed on iPhone. An alternative is using an HDMI cable connection with a lightning to HDMI adapter. This adapter plugs into the iPhone’s Lightning port and connects to the TV using an HDMI cable. Once configured, the iPhone screen can be duplicated and displayed in HD on the TV. 

Some lightning to HDMI adapters also draw power from the TV’s USB port to avoid draining the iPhone battery. Compared to wireless options, HDMI provides a reliable wired connection but is less portable. Both wireless and wired methods allow users to enjoy digital content, presentations, games or FaceTime calls from their iPhone on a bigger screen.


What is screen mirroring in iPhone?

Screen mirroring in iPhone allows wirelessly displaying the entire iPhone screen on a larger TV or monitor screen.

screen mirroring iphone to samsung tv

Screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV enables wirelessly casting/mirroring whatever is shown on the iPhone display directly onto a Samsung smart TV.

How do I mirror my screen to my TV?

You can mirror your iPhone screen to a TV by using AirPlay or a cable to wirelessly or directly display/cast your iPhone display on a compatible smart TV or with a streaming device.


AirPlay and Chromecast are convenient methods to mirror the iPhone screen wirelessly to a TV. Using AirPlay, both devices need only be connected to the same WiFi network. Then with a few taps, the entire iPhone display can be cast onto the larger TV screen. Videos, games and photos appear exactly as on the iPhone but on a bigger display.

There are also options beyond AirPlay like HDMI cables or Roku to mirror the iPhone. Each method allows enjoying digital content or presentations from the small iPhone onto a TV in different ways. In the end, screen mirroring enables a better viewing experience of what is shown on the iPhone across all supported apps on a big TV screen using Wireless or cable connection.

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