Gabriela Moura Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family & Biography

Gabriela Moura is a rising Brazilian social media influencer who shot to fame on TikTok for her viral lip-sync and dance videos. At just 15 years old, her fun and energetic content captured the hearts of millions.

Who is Gabriela Moura?

Born on June 18, 2004 in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gabriela Moura discovered her passion for content creation at a young age. When she was just 12 years old, she started a YouTube channel, posting videos simply for the fun of it while dreaming of future success.

Little did she know, that dream would become a reality just a few years later. In March 2020, at the tender age of 15, Gabriela’s life changed forever when her lip-sync and dance videos exploded in popularity on TikTok. Her charismatic performances and magnetic stage presence quickly won over millions of fans worldwide.

Gabriela Moura Age and Birthplace

As of 2024, Gabriela is 18 years old, celebrating yet another year of her amazing journey as a social media phenomenon. Her birthplace of Rio de Janeiro, with its rich cultural tapestry, no doubt played a role in shaping her artistic flair and confidence in front of the camera.

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Gabriela Moura Net Worth

Gabriela Moura Net Worth

Gabriela’s massive following on TikTok and Instagram, combined with lucrative brand endorsements and occasional modeling gigs, have propelled her estimated net worth into the range of $1 million to $2.5 million. Not bad for a teenager!

Some key sources of her wealth include:

  • TikTok – With over 10 million followers, she’s one of the app’s biggest stars, earning money through sponsorships and TikTok’s creator fund.
  • Instagram – Her 826K Instagram followers provide another revenue stream via sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.
  • Modeling – Her rising fame has landed her modeling jobs with major fashion brands.
  • Merchandising – Like many influencers, she likely earns income from merchandise sales to her dedicated fanbase.
Did You Know?

Despite her global celebrity, Gabriela remains grounded, often sharing snippets of her personal life and close family ties with fans. For example, in one Instagram video, she playfully danced with her mother in matching outfits, showcasing their adorable bond.

Gabriela’s Family Life

Gabriela was raised in a loving Christian household in Rio de Janeiro by her parents, whose names and occupations are not publicly known. As an only child, she enjoyed the full attention and support of her tight-knit family.

Her Brazilian upbringing and cultural roots have been instrumental in shaping who she is today – a confident, vibrant young woman passionate about dance, music, and creative self-expression.

Gabriela Moura Wiki/Biography

Born to follow her dreams from day one, Gabriela embraced the world of social media and content creation at an incredibly young age. Her journey began modestly with a YouTube channel launched when she was just 12 years old, serving as an early creative outlet.

However, it was her discovery of TikTok that truly catalyzed her rise to stardom. In March 2020, at just 15 years old, Gabriela’s lip-sync and dance videos went viral, amassing millions of views seemingly overnight. Fans fell in love with her charismatic performances, youthful energy, and undeniable talent.

Within months, Gabriela had become one of TikTok’s brightest stars, building an empire of over 10 million followers who couldn’t get enough of her content. Her audience was drawn to her authenticity, showcasing a young woman who was simply having fun and chasing her passions.

Family, Boyfriend & Relationships

Gabriela Moura Family, Boyfriend & Relationships

While much of Gabriela’s family life remains private, she has shared glimpses of her close-knit Brazilian upbringing through social media posts. She was raised by her parents in Rio de Janeiro within a Christian household, no siblings by her side.

In 2022, Gabriela’s love life garnered international attention when she struck up a romance with fellow influencer and internet celebrity, Josh Richards. Here’s a quick timeline of their whirlwind relationship:

  • The couple first connected in 2022 when Josh slid into Gabriela’s DMs, inviting her to his birthday party.
  • Though she attended, they didn’t speak much until the 4th of July later that year when Josh invited Gabriela to meet his family.
  • At the time, Gabriela’s English skills weren’t perfect, but she rapidly improved through practicing with Josh.
  • On July 11th, 2022, Josh officially asked Gabriela to be his girlfriend, and she said yes!

Since then, the high-profile couple has remained inseparable, even introducing each other to their families despite the challenges of their bicontinental relationship. Josh has visited Gabriela’s mother in Brazil, while she has spent significant time in the United States with his family.

Their relationship has drawn a mix of support and criticism, with some praising their commitment while others questioning the age gap, as Josh is a few years older. However, Gabriela and Josh continue undeterred, frequently poking fun at each other and sharing heartfelt moments across their social media channels.

As for what the future holds, only time will tell if marriage is on the horizon for these young lovebirds. But one thing’s for sure – their millions of fans will be watching every step of the way!

Physical Appearance

Gabriela Moura Physical Appearance

Gabriela Moura is a beautiful young woman whose looks complement her talent and vibrant personality perfectly. She stands at a stunning 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm) tall with a slim, fit physique that weighs approximately 59 kg (130 lbs).

Some key physical attributes that contribute to Gabriela’s undeniable appeal include:

  • Luscious, glossy dark brown hair
  • Sparkling dark brown eyes
  • A sultry pout with full, plush lips
  • Striking facial features with elegant, arched eyebrows
  • A petite, toned figure with a modelesque frame

Gabriela’s fashion and style are as bold as her persona. She’s a true trendsetter, rocking cutting-edge looks that accentuate her beauty and confidence. From crop tops and mini skirts to sleek athleisure, she pulls off any look with ease.

Gabriela Moura’s Social Media Empire

At the heart of Gabriela Moura’s meteoric rise is her undeniable mastery of social media. With her commanding presence and magnetic energy, she’s captivated audiences across multiple platforms:

TikTok10M+Viral dance/lip-sync videos, latest trends, challenges
Instagram826KLifestyle photos, fashionista looks, modeling shots

Gabriela’s content strikes the perfect balance of artistry, authenticity and pure entertainment value. She’s a true multi-hyphenate talented – a dancer, lip-sync queen, model, actress and comedian all rolled into one.

Her genius lies in her ability to connect with her youthful audience through relatable content that mirrors their experiences and interests. Gabriela is a master at setting viral trends, be it through video challenges, aesthetic photoshoots or candid peeks into her life.

Perhaps her greatest strength is her deft handling of audience interactions. She engages her fans directly, responding to comments and ensuring they feel seen, heard and part of her journey. It’s this human connection that keeps millions returning daily for their Gabriela fix.

Net Worth

As we’ve established, Gabriela Moura’s net worth sits comfortably between $1 million to $2.5 million – an incredible achievement for someone not yet 20 years old!

Her wealth has been amassed through a combination of:

  • TikTok monetization – As one of the app’s top creators, earnings from brand deals, sponsorships and TikTok’s Creator Fund
  • Instagram influencing – Paid promotions and affiliate marketing across her 826K Instagram following
  • Modeling gigs – Her photogenic look has landed her modeling roles and fashion campaigns
  • Merchandise sales – Official branded apparel and accessories sold to her diehard fanbase
  • Other business ventures – At her age, Gabriela’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds!

Some of Gabriela’s most notable brand partnerships and deals that contribute to her millionaire status include:

  • Fashion Nova – As an ambassador for the popular clothing brand, she has her own collection line.
  • Bang Energy – She reps the energy drink on her socials, connecting with their younger demographic.
  • Makeup/Skincare – From L’Oré

Gabriela Moura Biography

TikTok Fame

Gabriela Moura’s path to stardom began modestly in March 2020 when her lip-sync and dance videos on TikTok started gaining significant traction. At just 15 years old, the Brazilian teen had tapped into a winning formula – combining her natural talents as a performer with viral trends and challenges.

Within months, Gabriela’s vibrant and charismatic videos were attracting millions of views and new followers by the day. Her skills at interpreting the latest songs, dance crazes and filters showcased her versatility and keen ability to entertain. Fans simply couldn’t get enough of her youthful energy and authentic joy that radiated through the screen.

By the end of 2020, Gabriela had amassed over 10 million followers on TikTok, cementing her status as one of the app’s biggest breakout stars of the year. Her viral fame opened doors to lucrative brand partnerships, modeling opportunities, and other ventures that allowed her to monetize her insane popularity.

Looking back, no one could have predicted a 15-year-old girl making dance videos at home would transform into an international phenomenon. But Gabriela’s journey is a true testament to the democratizing power of social media to make anyone a celebrity through creativity, hard work and the ability to connect with an audience.

Moura’s Relationship with Josh Richards

Among her many achievements, Gabriela Moura’s high-profile relationship with fellow influencer Josh Richards has garnered significant attention and interest from fans and the media alike. Here’s a deeper look at their romance:

In 2022, Gabriela received a DM out of the blue from Josh Richards, an American social media personality and former member of the viral TikTok collective Sway House. In his message, the 20-year-old asked Gabriela, then 17, to attend his birthday party. She obliged and the two crossed paths, though they didn’t speak at length.

It wasn’t until the 4th of July holiday later that year that their relationship truly sparked. Josh invited Gabriela to meet his family, and despite her imperfect English skills at the time, a real connection began blossoming between the young stars.

Exactly one week later, on July 11th, Josh decided to make things official – he asked Gabriela to be his girlfriend, and she happily accepted! Since then, the couple has been inseparable, balancing their bicoastal relationship between Brazil and the United States.

The pair has shared heartwarming moments with each other’s families. Gabriela has introduced Josh to her mother in Rio, while he’s welcomed her with open arms stateside. Their social media is filled with behind-the-scenes glimpses of their fun adventures together – poking fun at each other one minute, expressing heartfelt affection the next.

Of course, their relationship hasn’t been without its critics. The 3-year age gap between them (he’s now 22, she’s 19) has raised some eyebrows about the potential power dynamics at play. There are also the common challenges of maintaining a committed relationship while living in separate countries for much of the year.

However, Gabriela and Josh have displayed a maturity beyond their years in weathering the criticism and remaining unshakably devoted to each other and their shared dreams. Only time will tell if marriage is on the horizon for these young lovebirds, but for now, they’re simply basking in their blissful romance under the spotlight.

Criticism and Controversies

For any celebrity her age, some level of public scrutiny is inevitable. And Gabriela Moura hasn’t been immune to criticism and controversies arising from her rapacious fame:

Age Gap Backlash

As discussed, Gabriela’s relationship with Josh Richards has drawn some backlash over their 3-year age gap, with some viewing it as inappropriate given their ages. However, the couple has defended their relationship as happy and consensual.

Cultural Appropriation Claims

Like many influencers, Gabriela has been accused of cultural appropriation at times for portraying styles, dances or aesthetics from other cultures in an insensitive or inappropriate way on her social media. She’s had to issue apologies and be more mindful of respecting cultural boundaries.

Promoting Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Some critics argue that as a beautiful, slim influencer, Gabriela promotes unrealistic body standards that can negatively impact impressionable youth. However, she has made efforts to use her platform to advocate for body positivity as well.

Standard Social Media Criticisms

Of course, Gabriela has faced the typical barrage of hateful comments and critique that any wildly popular online figure experiences. From allegations of being a “spoiled rich kid” to critiques of her fashion choices, no celebrity is immune to internet trolls.

To her credit, Gabriela has displayed poise and maturity in how she’s handled negativity. She recognizes that not everyone will be a fan, and tries to take valid criticism in stride while ignoring baseless hatred. Her philosophy seems to be focusing on the millions of supporters who celebrate her, not the handful trying to bring her down.


What is Gabimfmoura’s real name?

Gabimfmoura is Gabriela Moura’s handle/username on TikTok, but her real full name is Gabriela Massena Moura.

Why is Gabriela Moura famous?

Gabriela Moura is famous for being one of TikTok’s biggest stars, amassing over 10 million followers as a teenager for her viral dance, lip-sync, comedy and lifestyle videos on the app.

What is the net worth of Gabriela Moura?

As of 2024, Gabriela Moura’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $2.5 million earned through her TikTok and Instagram influence, modeling, endorsements and business ventures.


From making silly dance videos at home to becoming an international multi-millionaire superstar, Gabriela Moura’s stratospheric rise to fame is nothing short of extraordinary. In just a few years, this Brazilian teen defied all odds to build an empire of over 10 million mesmerized TikTok followers entranced by her charisma, talent and irresistible joy for performing.

But Gabriela’s journey represents so much more than just viral stardom – it’s a beacon of hope for any young creator to achieve their wildest dreams through unwavering passion, hard work and the ability to genuinely connect with an audience. Her crossover success on Instagram, as a model, actress and budding entrepreneur displays her fierce ambition and versatility.

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