Janine Tate (Andrew Tate’s sister) – Everything to Know

Janine Tate, born in 1990 in Luton, England, is a dynamic American-British lawyer and passionate feminist. Specializing in business and commercial litigation, Janine’s advocacy for women’s rights extends beyond the courtroom. 

She is part of a notable family, with brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate, and her life intertwines with legal prowess, familial bonds, and a commitment to gender equality.

Who is Janine Tate?

Who is Janine Tate?

Janine Tate is a dynamic American-British lawyer and the sister of well-known figures Andrew and Tristan Tate. Born in 1990 in Luton, England, she’s the daughter of the late Emory Andrew, an African-American chess master, and Eileen. 

Janine is recognized for her expertise in business and commercial litigation, and her commitment extends beyond the courtroom as an active advocate for women’s rights. 

With a family marked by both achievements and controversy, Janine Tate stands as a resilient force in the legal world, exemplifying success and dedication to the pursuit of justice.

How old is Janine Tate?

Janine Tate, born in 1990 in Luton, Bedfordshire, will turn 33 in 2023. Her specific birth date remains undisclosed, but some sources suggest March 2 as a potential celebration day. This makes Janine a dynamic individual in her early thirties, navigating her impactful career as a lawyer and actively participating in women’s rights advocacy.

What is Janine’s Profession?

Janine Tate is a full-time lawyer, specializing in business and commercial litigation. Her legal expertise goes beyond the courtroom, as she actively engages in advocating for women’s rights. Through her profession, Janine contributes to the legal landscape while passionately supporting the empowerment and equality of women.

Janine Tate’s Family – A Glimpse into Their Lives

Janine Tate’s Family – A Glimpse into Their Lives

Janine Tate, born in 1990 in Luton, England, is the daughter of Emory Andrew and Eileen Tate. Her family faced a significant change when her father, a chess master and Air Force veteran, unexpectedly passed away in 2015 during a chess tournament in California. 

Janine shares the spotlight with her well-known brothers, Andrew and Tristan, forming a close-knit family that navigates life’s challenges and celebrates their unique bond despite the loss they endured.

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Who is Janine Tate’s Husband?

Janine Tate’s husband is Norman Webb, a versatile individual with interests in bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition. Holding a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Kentucky, he contributes to the well-being of others while maintaining a private family life with Janine and their son in their Kentucky home.

Who is Janine’s Brother, Emory Andrew?

Emory Andrew Tate III is a versatile individual, known for his roles as a media personality, businessman, and former professional kickboxer. Born in 1986 in Washington, D.C He embraced kickboxing at the age of 15, achieving notable success. 

By winning championships, including the ISKA English Light-cruiserweight title in 2009 and the ISKA Kickboxing World Full-contact Light-cruiserweight title in 2011. His journey extends to the British reality show Big Brother in 2016, showcasing the breadth of his talents and accomplishments.

Tate’s Early Life and Kickboxing Career – A Journey to Success

Tate’s Early Life and Kickboxing Career – A Journey to Success

Early Life

Born in Washington, D.C., in 1986, Emory Andrew Tate III, son of chess grandmaster Emory Tate, embraced kickboxing at 15. His journey started with a passion for the sport, leading him to significant achievements in the kickboxing world.

Kickboxing Career

Achieving success, Tate secured the ISKA English Light-cruiserweight title in 2009 and the ISKA Kickboxing World Full-contact Light-cruiserweight title in 2011. His dedication and skills in kickboxing brought him recognition, establishing a successful path early in his athletic career.

Tate’s Misogynistic Views – A Controversial Perspective

Emory Andrew Tate III’s controversial perspective centers around misogynistic beliefs, asserting female inferiority and promoting male supremacy. These views have sparked criticism from women’s rights groups and the United Nations. 

Despite his success in kickboxing, Tate’s divisive opinions have led to widespread condemnation and scrutiny, highlighting the tension between his achievements and the contentious nature of his views.

Tate’s Legal Troubles – A Dark Chapter

Emory Andrew Tate III faced a troubling period when he was arrested in Romania in December 2022. The charges against him include human trafficking and rape, leading to his current state of house arrest. Despite vehemently denying the accusations, these legal challenges mark a grim chapter in Tate’s life and have drawn significant attention and scrutiny.

Tate’s Influence on Young Men – A Cause for Concern

Tate’s Influence on Young Men – A Cause for Concern

Emory Andrew Tate III’s influence on young men, particularly through his significant social media following, raises concerns. Critics worry that his controversial views, which include misogynistic beliefs and the advocacy of male supremacy, may have a detrimental impact on the mindset of impressionable youth. There are fears of potential radicalization as young minds are exposed to Tate’s perspectives, prompting discussions about the responsible use of influence on social platforms.

What is Janine Tate’s Net Worth?

Janine Tate’s net worth stands at $10M, primarily earned through her thriving career as a full-time lawyer. Her financial success reflects her dedication and achievement in the legal field, making her an inspiring example of resilience for others.


In essence, Janine Tate, sibling to Andrew and Tristan Tate, emerges as a formidable American-British lawyer and dedicated advocate for women’s rights. Born in 1990, this 33-year-old legal force hails from Luton, Bedfordshire. Despite her private professional life, Janine’s impact is felt beyond courtrooms, reflecting her commitment to justice. 

Her family’s story, marked by the unexpected loss of chess master Emory Andrew, adds a layer of resilience to Janine’s narrative. In the intricate tapestry of the Tate family, Janine shines as a beacon of strength and accomplishment.

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